"My desire to "just let go" and find solace in colour and shape inspires me to create art that takes me away from the every day"

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te puna, new zealand

Shapes, textures and compositions are created through spontaneous brushstrokes and layers. I endeavour to create art that is vibrant and whimsical with playful imagery that creates both energy and contemplation.

Since 2015 I have delved into various artistic techniques in search of my unique signature style. This exploration has allowed me to play with various methods and become comfortable with acrylics on canvas.


During this time art was my passion but a hobby, working during the day and painting in the evenings and on weekends and selling my pieces via Instagram and through select homeware stores and galleries to collectors around the world.

In 2018 I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. This life-changing event made me re-evaluate my life. With surgeries and treatments behind me, I have committed to pursuing art as my career.

In the spring of 2020, I discovered my signature style. Having moved to a lifestyle property in 2018 with a large garden, I became a keen gardener. I was captivated by the shapes, colours and compositions of flowers, gardens and nature. This imagery is the source of inspiration for my recent work.

Even though each piece takes many hours, I love every minute of the creation process.

Each piece begins with an underpainting. I blend colours with washes and layers creating spontaneous drips and composition which become the foundation for the layout of the painting.

I then paint organic shapes resembling flowers, shrubs, pods, seeds and leaves combined with abstract shapes reminiscent of my previous styles of work. I leave areas of the underpainting exposed as a memory of what lies beneath, and what came before. Each element requires layers of paint to ensure vibrant depth of colour while other areas I choose to leave opaque.

I liken the creation of my compositions to choreographing a dance. I endeavour to create rhythmic compositions. Mother nature dancing through the seasons.

Exhibitions & Galleries


Image by Jumbled:

Bloom Exhibition 2021

Orange, Australia


Jumbled @ The Sonic, 33 - 35 Sale Street, Orange, Australia

Turua Gallery

Turua Gallery 10a Turua Street, St Heliers, Auckland 1071

Art / Edit + Interior Design Magazine

March Edition 2021-  Feature - After the rain

Bloom Group Exhibition - January 2021 

Jumbled @ The Sonic, 33 - 35 Sale Street, Orange, Australia

Miles Art Award Finalist 2020

Tauranga Art Gallery Exhibition, Tauranga

The Black Door Gallery

251 Parnell Road, Parnell, 1052, Auckland, New Zealand      

MCF Interiors

198 Maunganui Road, Mt Maunganui, New Zealand


The Little Gallery

228 Main Rd Tairua, New Zealand

Fine Print Co by Corporate Art Australia



Unit 13 110 Kortum Drive Burleigh Qld 4220, Australia

Exhibition - Fresh Art, Fresh Start, Creative Tauranga, 2016

Display Exhibition - Kathleen Kilgour Centre, Tauranga,2017 

Display Exhibition - Ignition Tauranga, 2017 

Art Featured in Uno Magazine December Issue 2016


Feature Artist in Focus Magazine