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From her home studio in Te Puna, Alicia uses vibrantly coloured imagery and rhythmic compositions to create scenes reminiscent of kaleidoscopic visions. Natural motifs and patterned elements synchronised with flower-like shapes, organic forms, geometric patterns, and mark-making recur in her work where abstract and representational imagery coexist.

Scenes and images collected from experiences with her gardens at home and the surrounding landscape translate into vivid explorations of the abstract flora narrative, one which is constantly evolving. 


Alicia uses acrylic painting in bold colour palettes to engage with these themes. Combining layers and transparent elements with solid-coloured imagery, her paintings culminate in a style that creates an abstract view of the natural world.

Living and working in Te Puna, New Zealand, Alicia has exhibited in Australia and New Zealand. To find out about upcoming exhibitions and artwork release dates, subscribe for updates at the bottom of the page. 

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  • ArtZone Magazine - Issue 93 - Summer 2022 -

  • Interview, Artist Profile Harriet Maher -       Read the article and interview​​​​

  • "Happiness Project" Group Exhibition, Turua Gallery, St Helliers, Auckland - October 2022

  • "Turua Tiny Show" Group Exhibition, Turua Galler, St Helliers, Auckland - August 2022

  • Jumbled @ The Sonic, 33 - 35 Sale Street, Orange, Australia, 

  • Turua Gallery 10a Turua Street, St Heliers, Auckland 1071

  • Art / Edit + Interior Design Magazine

  • March Edition 2021-  Feature - After the rain

  • Bloom Group Exhibition - January 2021 

  • Jumbled @ The Sonic, 33 - 35 Sale Street, Orange, Australia

  • Miles Art Award Finalist 2020

  • Tauranga Art Gallery Exhibition, Tauranga

  • The Black Door Gallery

  • 251 Parnell Road, Parnell, 1052, Auckland, New Zealand      

  • MCF Interiors

  • 198 Maunganui Road, Mt Maunganui, New Zealand

  • The Little Gallery

  • 228 Main Rd Tairua, New Zealand

  • Fine Print Co by Corporate Art Australia



  • Unit 13 110 Kortum Drive Burleigh Qld 4220, Australia

  • Exhibition - Fresh Art, Fresh Start, Creative Tauranga, 2016

  • Display Exhibition - Kathleen Kilgour Centre, Tauranga,2017 

  • Display Exhibition - Ignition Tauranga, 2017 

  • Uno Magazine December Issue 2016


  • Focus Magazine


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