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Online presales of selected works will be available on Thursday 12 October 6pm on the Turua Gallery Website (link on their homepage), with all other paintings available from the opening night, Friday 13th October, at Turua Gallery and on the Turua Gallery website.


All enquiries and sales of artwork for the 'Finding Eden' exhibition are managed by Turua Gallery.



Solo Exhibition
13 October - 25 October 2023

Turua Gallery, Auckland

Opening night - 13 October 5pm - 7pm

10a Turua Street, St Heliers

Online Presales of selected pieces - Thursday 12 October 6pm on the Turua Gallery website

Finding Eden delves into the realms of imagination, art and nature.

Through nurturing her own gardens and exploring the environment around her, Alicia has been captivated by the myriad of shapes, colours and patterns that exist within the natural world of flowers and their surrounding landscapes.

Using Floral motifs and organic forms in vibrant colour palettes, each painting is an arrangement of tessellating and intriguing shapes and patterns. The rhythmic cadence of each composition intends to convey the vivaciousness, vitality and movement that saturate the tapestry of the natural world.  In this liminal space, nature is woven into the fabric of creative expression.

Finding Eden celebrates the joyous spectacle of life's exuberance, awakening the imagination and dissolving the boundaries between art and nature. It is an invitation to explore the coexistence between the world that flourishes around us and the sanctuary we can nurture within ourselves in nature's embrace. 

All enquiries and sales of artwork for the 'Finding Eden' exhibition are managed by Turua Gallery. 


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